Michael T. (lockedinalocker) wrote in separate_boxes,
Michael T.


      I'm not sure if this forum is still active or not - but I'll say something here, just to see what happens, having just found this community while looking around Live Journal more-or-less randomly.

      Do lockers count as boxes - a type of box, at least - for the purposes of this community's interest?
      It would sound strange to say it in most places, but maybe some people here will understand: but, after I was locked in lockers at school as a prank years ago, and enjoyed it immensely from the very first time, lockers have fascinated me ever since. I have no idea why - but the fascination won't leave me.
      Did anyone else here get locked in lockers at school - or anywhere else? Did they enjoy it? Any other thoughts on this, or experiences?

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